4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Front Panel & Batteries Leaked

Time to focus on leaks for the iPhone 6 components in a production setting. The first leak showed a front panel, depicting the difference between 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models. Other leaks show some batteries on a production tray. 

The first image was spotted by NowhereElse.fr, and it suggests longer batteries for the new iPhones. A modified metallic section of the batteries was spotted. Last month, Digitimes reported that Apple would be moving to automated production line for batteries. Longer battery life was also the number 1 choice of early iPhone 5 buyers according to a memo revealed from Samsung Apple court battle. 

A form factor change will give Apple engineer more room to place a bigger battery that powers a bigger screen, but it’s unclear whether it’s going to affect battery life.

Other photographs were posted on Weibo, Chinese social networking site, and reported by iPhone.fr. They show what a 4.7-inch iPhone would feel like in the user’s hand compared to the 4-inch iPhone 5. The screen ratio is the same on both. The images loo genuine, as cutouts for the FaceTime camera, Home button, ear speaker and light sensor are in the right places.

A thinner bezel is something new. A sketchy report surfacing from The Korea Herald said that iPhone 6 will have a bezel-free display using a single-layered panel, allowing for a thinner device, clearer images and better energy efficiency. 

These alleged cases and Apple’s 2014 roadmap point towards a fall 2014 release for one of the iPhones, probably the 4.7-inch model, with the 5.5-inch model arriving later.


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