What Was Your First Tweet On Twitter ? Check Out With This Tool

Twitter is now considered as one of the most popular social networks that millions of people are using it right now in the whole world. Today Twitter is celebrating its eighth birthday and has introduced a new feature allowing users to check out what was their first tweet on Twitter. 
Twitter now lets you go back with the time and check out what was your first tweet on Twitter. 

This new feature, rolled out to commemorate the eight birthday of Twitter, gives the service a little depth. Although many users have been registered to Twitter for a far shorter amount of time than the service has been running, revisiting that very first tweet is almost certain to have a nostalgic effect.

If you wish to check out your first tweet, or indeed the initial utterance of any other Twitter handle, then be sure to point your browser to discover.twitter.com/first-tweet, where you can enter usernames to your heart’s content.

This is a quite nice feature that many users can find their first tweet and remember the old great days.. 

So what do you think ?


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