Visualizing the next iPhone (iPhone Air)

iPhone concepts have been popular for their graphic ingenuity and also their radical designs. Among all the concepts churning out, the iPhone Air from Sam Beckett stands out. The best thing about the design is that it isn’t flash and neither too much over the top. It is more of an ‘honest’ approach to the Apple’s next smartphone.

The thickness of the design has not been reduced greatly as a lot of other concepts do. The smartphone bears a lot of resemblance to the existing iPhone family. Playing to the rumor tune, Becket has kept a 4.7 inches display which features a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The ppi of the screen is a mammoth 468.

Interesting to note in the design is that despite of the large screen size, the overall increment in the iPhone is 8% than iPhone 5S. This balance has been achieved by the designer through thinner bezels allowing slimming down effect. The device has an overall thickness of 7mm, which is also less than the existing iPhone 5S.

The concept by Beckett plays a lot of emphasis on the ‘expectations’ and the rumor mill. For instance, it features the use of sapphire crystal, which has been heavily rumored for quite some time now. The application of Sapphire Crystal makes sense since it adds to the property of scratch resistance and also increases the overall durability. The important point is the cost factor, and whether Apple would go for such a material against existing material. However, the rumor mill suggests that Apple has been investing with vigor in the area, so it would make sense.

The iPhone concept by Beckett also features a 10 megapixel sensor that has an increased aperture of f/1.8. It also indicates the usage of the often discussed A8 chip.

Overall, the design should be lauded for its realistic approach rather than an over the top one.

(via TheVerge)


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