Vertex Brings iOS 8 App Switcher Concept To Life

There are several tweaks that enhance the functionality of the app switcher, but a new one to look out for is Vertex for iOS 7.

And if you got to see the concept video for iOS 8 released a few days ago, you’ll find this tweak a lot familiar.

Vertex is a soon to be released tweak that features a Zephyr like swipe-up gesture to open the app switcher that apart from including the app cards also has the control center. The user is able to switch through applications while managing brightness, music and toggles.

The tweak will also add a Settings menu from where you would be able to apply a blurred wallpaper aesthetic to a gray background. Also the corners of the app card can be changed to become rounded off. Moreover, users satisfied with the current theme can enable the current icons to prevent them from going to waste inside the app switcher.

The Settings menu can also be referred to rearrange toggles and scroll through them through vertical or horizontal paging.

Vertex will be available at Cydia’s BigBoss repository soon for $1.49. Does it look interesting to you?


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