Twitter Officially Pulls #Music App From The App Store

#music Twitter users will be very sad to know that Twitter has just pulled out #music app from the App Store ahead of April 18 shutdown. Twitter says that on April 18 #music will be officially dead. Whenever a piece of software gets removed from the App Store, it becomes unavailable for download or re-download so folks who plan on continuing to use the music discovery app have better backed it up in their iTunes library on their computer.
In case you still have #music app on your iPhone, you can transfer it to desktop iTunes by connecting your device to a computer and choose the Transfer Purchases option nested under iTunes’ File > Devices menu…

Twitter broke the news this past Friday on the official @TwitterMusic account, without an explanation given.

Later this afternoon, we will be removing Twitter #music from the App Store,” reads the tweet. “If you have the app, it will continue to work until April 18″.

So regardless of whether or not you have backed up your copy of the app, it’ll become useless come April 18 as the service itself will cease functioning. At post time, the#music website was still available.

“We continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter,” another tweet teases. If I were Twitter, I’d simply fold the #music app functionality into the official mobile Twitter apps.

Though Twitter #music reached the #6 slot in overall free app downloads shorty following its April 2013 debut, it tanked quickly thereafter and has since seen “abysmal”numbers both in iTunes App Store downloads and engagement, according to sources.
Are you sad to see Twitter #music go?

I’ve never been a fan myself. With so many high-quality apps available for enjoying one’s music and discovering new tracks in a variety of ways, Twitter #music really fell victim of the classic case of too little, too late.


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