This Trick In iOS 7.1 Lets You Put Folders Within Folders [Video]

Although iOS 7.1 is unjailbreakable but it looks like that Jose Rodriguez has just discovered a new trick in iOS 7.1 allows users to quickly put folders within folders. The trick is working and we have tested it on our devices running on iOS 7.1..

Here's a quick video shows how the trick work: 

Rodriquez has provided a few simple steps to place folders within folders:
Drag one app onto other app and, as soon as the animation for creating a folder starts, tap and drag any folder you want into the new opened folder. If you’re quick enough, the chosen folder will go into the new folder.
The best thing about this workaround is that it works on stock iOS devices, meaning that no jailbreak is required. Nested folders allow for you to better organize your Home screen with a basic filesystem of sorts. Just like Apple decided to finally allow Newsstand to be placed in a folder, hopefully the company will eventually allow for users to place folders within folders by default. For now, this trick will suffice.

A lot of users told me that this trick also working with previous iOS 7.x.x firmwares... 

So are you using nested folders ?


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