This New iPhone 6c Concept Shows What The ‘c’ Lineup Can Be Like In Future

Apple released the iPhone 5c in an attempt to make an affordable, plastic iPhone that would increase the company’s market share in the market for mid-range handsets. But things haven’t gone as planned, as consumers are more interested in buying the iPhone 5s. However, a concept shows how the iPhone ‘c’ lineup can be in future.

The video of the concept shows iPhone 6c featuring a 4.7-inch display, a Touch ID, an 8 MP camera and other features. The thickness is 7.1 mm and the weight is 116, and the handset also comes in different colors including a black model.

Here's the video: 

One of the highlights of the concept is the Touch ID button having the same color as the body of the iPhone. There is no bezel present around the display, so that the display size can be increased without the physical size of the iPhone’s body.

Let us know your thoughts on the iPhone 5c concept…. Do you like what you see?


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