This iPhone 6 Is Perfectly Flat And Bleeds Gold [Video]

It became a very ordinary thing to see concepts for Apple's next generation iPhone 6 which said to launch this year. Today we've got a new iPhone 6 concept which gives us an idea of what the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 might look like, but also, features a curved rear finish akin to the iPhone 5c – a notion that has been suggested only recently.

In the past few days we've seen a huge number of iPhone 6 concepts, some of them suggest an iPhone 6 with 3 sensor and ultra retina display and other suggest an iPhone 6 concept features an iPad Air Type design and more..

Today the folks at ConceptsiPhone are here again with a new concept that shows what we can expect of the iPhone 6. Then again, given just how gorgeous this device is, even trying to envisage the device based upon what we see here would be a dangerous game, and one that would almost certainly be setting ourselves up for disappointment when the real thing doesn’t reach the bar set by the concept makers.

Here's the video: 

A 5.5-inch screen is good for me, what about you ? 


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