This iPhone 6 Concept Features A Mind-Boggling ‘Holographic’ Display [VIDEO]

Almost everyday we keep reading news about Apple's upcoming next generation which called "iPhone 6". In the past few weeks we've seen a numerous amount of leaked images for iPhone 6 parts from camera, charger and more.. Today comes a new iPhone 6 concept, but this time it is very different from the others..

The following iPhone concept features a mind-boggling "Holographic" display that will take your iPhone to a new higher level from smartness.

Although we know that a holographic display almost certainly won’t be included with the next iPhone, the idea perhaps isn’t all that ridiculous and far-fetched. After all, FOX News once claimed, falsely, of course, that the iPhone 5 would include such a feature, but if the company ever did decide to go ahead and take the plunge, we certainly wouldn’t complain if it turned out similarly to this SET Solution offering.

You can judge after watching how beautiful is the concept and how can you quickly drag pictures, applications out from the iPhone and other great things: 
The video title is "iPhone 6: The Dream." Guess that's why they call it "the dream" maybe because there is a great change that we won't see it coming..

This iPhone 6 concept is one of the coolest we’ve seen by far, and kind of reminds me of the laser keyboard iPhone idea we saw back in 2011. Even though we must remain realistic, there’s no harm in dreaming, and to be honest, if a holographic display like this ever did become an option, I don’t think I would need any persuading to part with my money.

But I know that we won't see such thing, maybe after 10 years or something. What do you think ?


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