This iPhone 6 Concept Features An iPad Air Type Design & A Curved Display

The iPhone 5s might be only 6 months old, but it looks like the old-timer. In this day and age, a phone is expected to have a shell life of 12 months before users think of replacing it with something else, so it isn’t a surprise that the talk of iPhone 6 is already happening a few days in advance.

Now there’s another fascinating concept of the iPhone 6 showcased by the designer Ran Avni, which shows it has a design similar to an iPad Air; the most popular device has been combined with the best gadget designed by Apple till date.

Avni and his friends have released several concepts in the past, including a few curved display ones, but this new one iPad Air inspired iPhone 6 concept is something never seen before. You can see the video; though it’s unlikely to become a reality, there’s still a lot to admire.

The concept shows the handset featuring a 4.5 inch display, but the main attraction of this concept isn’t the curve of the display size. The design shows overall aesthetic appeal and some suggestions that the form factor will be inspired by the iPod nano.

One thing that is unlikely to feature in the actual thing is the curved display, especially the one in this video. There’s no logic behind the device being horizontally curved through the middle. The rest of the design makes sense and looks appealing.

Thoughts ?


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