These Three New Winterboard Themes Are Worth Checking Out

Ever since the inception of iOS 7 jailbreak, a number of great looking Winterboard themes have been released. Today we’re going to look at 3 new additions – Mary, Myrea and Habesha. From time to another we try to give you nice Winterboard themes to try on your iPhone..

So shall we start ?

Mary-BigBoss repo (FREE)

Mary comes from Eduardo Lopez, who is well-known for Soft Remix, a popular theme, as well as his graphic designing ability. Mary has been well-designed and stays in line with the native iOS appearance.

The theme includes small and bright icons for all types of applications and additional icons can be requested directly from the developer through Twitter - @MagWhiz. You can download Mary from Cydia’s BigBoss repo free of cost.

Myrea-BigBoss repo $1.99

There have been many instances where beautiful themes have gone down the drain unnoticed; thankfully that didn’t happen to Myrea. It’s a new theme that adds depth to the main screen – it does it with circular icons hosted on a colourful palette that comprises of embossed edges. This icon masks is also applied to icons that are non-themed.
The theme, available for $1.99 at Cydia, isn’t functional on iPad as the designer iulianba doesn’t have the device, but works well on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Habesha-Modmyi repo- (FREE)

Habesha is an invention of Andreas Larsen, the man also responsible for Circul8. He has included custom icons that are flat and feature white glyphs.
This theme like others offers users more customization through jailbreak tweaks. For example, IconOmatic was used to disable app labels and apply overlay to icon shadows. Habesha can be downloaded from ModMyi repo at the Cydia store for free and is compatible with iOS 7 and above.

So what do you think ? 


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