The First Things Men And Women Look For When Buying New Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is not easy especially for some women and men. For example whenever you go to buy a new smartphone, you probably have your own ideas regarding what specific features and assets will lure us into making the purchase.. For example you start to search for a smartphone with a long run battery, big screen size, nice processor, high camera quality and more features...

Today a new research made by Nielsen, shows what men and women look for when buying a new smartphone, either it is an iPhone/Samsung Galaxy/Sony and so on... 

But even though, as cynical men and women would argue, it seems like the two genders are of different species at times, certain, staple features seem to unite smartphone purchasers of both the male and female variety.

The following research is based on survey among internet users in 58+ countries.

Here's the chart: 
Despite what this research may tell us about men and women’s specific requirements when purchasing a smartphone, though, it’s clear that, for the most part, we all want the same things; a good runner that can hold its battery life, for a price that we can afford, and some of the latest and greatest features included.

The main common factor between women and men when purchasing a new device is the "Price". How much it will cost..

(Source: Nielsen) (via: Mashable)


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