springPage: Set Different Wallpapers On Each Home Screen in iOS 7

When it comes to customization your iPhone home screen, we like to use some tweaks that change the look of the Springboard. We all know that iOS is a closed system and it doesn't give users the ability to custmoize the look of the home screen however he likes and so on... Today there is a new recently released tweak called springPage the tweak simply lets you set different wallpapers on each home screen in iOS 7.

Not only can you set a different wallpaper for each page, dissecting a mundane interface into something a bit more interesting, but the tweak’s settings also allow you to set the speed in which animations occur.

Also the tweak lets you increase/decrease the animation of wallpapers and while the transition options don’t span as broadly as, say, Barrel, you’ll still have plenty of fun configuring the behavior of springPage to suit your specific tastes.
springPage jailbreak tweak is available for $1.99 from BigBoss repo, you should give it a try and let us know what do you think about it. 

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