Pizza Hut Touch Screen Table-Turned-Menu for iPhone owners

We’re already living in a world where our smartphones are a major part of our lives, but seeing it to extra ordinary things on a table wasn’t on the list.

But Pizza Hut has changed all that.

With some assistance from Chaotic Moon Studios, the fast food giant has transformed their restaurant table into something much more appealing. And it’s something that you would visit Pizza Hut or over other restaurant offerings.

The promotional video shows that the touch-screen table that allow iPhone owners to sit down and get their identity recognized, including their favorite payment payments, allergies to meals, favorite menu items and other details. The ability of the table to give customers an interactive option to design pizza can prove to be popular.

Pizza Hut taking such initiatives is going to work well in the future. The concept looks similar to Microsoft Surface table, something which didn’t work. This technology could reshape how we order at restaurants in the foreseeable future.

Would you like to see such technology in a Pizza Hut restaurant? Feel free to leave comments.


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