New Leaks Show iOS 8 Healthbook App Mockups

It has been few days since rumors and predications have been surfacing about Apple’s iOS 8 Healthbook app, and now a new screenshot uploaded on China’s Weibo shows what looks like a realistic glimpse of the app on iOS 8. 

If recent sayings are noted, Apple has some good features in the pipeline for iOS 8 and with the mobile market hosting health related gadgets and apps in large numbers, it’s not a surprise that Apple is looking to jump on the bandwagon.

However, it is unknown at the moment how iWatch is going to be integrated with the new nutrition, activity and fitness tracker, but what has been seen in leaks of Healthbook, its likely to be one of focal points of iOS 8.

9to5Mac’s mockup a few days ago of the iOS 8 Healthbook app is quite similar to this leak today, and the app borrows a lot of aesthetic quirks and stuff from the Passbook app released by Apple with iOS 6. But Healthbook is expected to receive a lot more attention than what Passbook has.

And with the Healthbook promising new features, an iWatch would be the perfect complement to its monitoring and tracking features. It only remains to be seen when Apple gets really serious, though it won’t be long with Samsung and Google breathing on its neck.

(Via Weibo)


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