Moto 360 is the new Android wear smart-watch, coming this summer!

Google has lately announced its new Android Wear platform; it can power devices such as smartwatches and it’s intriguing to see Motorola already make a statement.

The company has revealed the Android-wear driven smartwatch – Moto 360. It’s called a modern timepiece and the watch stands for everything premium.

Moto 360 features Android Wear, Google Now as well as several apps and notifications. Users can also make use of gestures and just a slight twist of the wrist can make them aware of new Facebook posts, or who’s called of texted.

According to Motorola, Moto 360 will tell you what you need to be informed before you even want to, through notifications and Google Now alerts. It also features ‘OK Google’, which lets you ask questions, take notes, send messages, set alarms etc. just like Siri on iOS.

Round face and premium materials allow for a comfort fit:

Motorola has said the smartwatch will be available in the summer, starting from the U.S. first. It will come in different styles including premium metal finishing and the classic leather look.

Google also said earlier that Android Wear partners include Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Asus, as well as chip makers Mediatek, Intel, Broadcom, Imagination and even Fossil Group. New watches will arrive later this year. LG also has a say with its Android Wear powered G Watch.

You can learn more about Moto 360 on its official website.

(via Google)


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