iPhone Has Higher Chances Of Being Stolen, and Lesser Chances Of Requiring Repair

In terms of customer satisfaction, Apple iPhone is on the top of the charts frequently, and this isn’t fading away anytime soon. In a new research from a mobile insurance company, it has been discovered that iPhones aren’t only robust when it comes to less likeliness of being damaged, but they are also phones that have more likelihood of being stone, with uncanny people eyeing iPhones over other devices in the market.

The iPhone doesn’t depreciate in value a lot, and even old iPhone models like 4s make people shell out 100s of dollars. iPhone owners seem to associate the most value with their handsets, but there is also a high number of phone incidents, with the study also saying that iPhone owners are 45% less likely to claim accidental damage.

Therefore it isn’t a surprise that adoption rate of iPhones release with each new model. When referring to accidental damage, the study refers to dropping an iPhone and causing it to malfunction, expose it to moisture and other mishaps in use.

Thieves target the iPhone mostly because of its value; the resale value comes close to original retail, and with the increase in arbitrage for devices such as iPhone 5s, these trends are expected to continue. The research concludes that iPhone owners have 65% more chances of their phone go missing compared to other brands.

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(Source: WSJ)


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