iOS 7.1 to arrive next week

While it as purported earlier that iOS 7.1 is going to arrive in March, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says in a brief note that Apple’s iTunes Festival application will require the update of iOS 7.1. 

The iTunes Festival is scheduled for the coming week, so iOS 7.1 can launch any day now. Also, Apple has already released about 5 betas, with the last one coming in February. The company also announced that it released a number of tools on the IT sector to launch a large number of iDevices in education and enterprise sectors.

AppleInsider has also reported that Apple is preparing to enhance the Touch ID with an update that will solve the issue of ‘fade’ for iPhone 5s users, but it has not been considered if this update will be included in iOS 7.1.

The firmware itself is expected to bring major updates, most of them what iOS users have been looking forward to. The ‘white screen of death’ faced by users in iOS 7 may be patched in the update; it has been bugging users with random reboots since September. It has also caused several devices to slow down in performance.


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