iOS 7.1 Patches Evasion7 Untethered Jailbreak; Refrain From Updating

Apple recently released iOS 7.1 for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, but users who want to preserve the jailbreak potential of their devices must not update to the latest firmware. This is because the evasi0n7 untethered tool has been patched by Apple, so downloading the firmware would make users wait for an iOS 7.1 untethered jailbreak.

Apple did push out iOS 7.0.x without the evasi0n patch, but it was a kind of a formality that iOS 7.1 wouldn’t be quite welcoming. It was quite evident that in the final version, the evasi0n tool would be locked down as Apple was able to patch most exploits release by release.

Regardless the evad3rs have any exploits in the making, or plan to work on iOS 7.1, has to be seen. But with the software already through its halfway cycle, the jailbreak community will be directly battle with iOS 8, which makes it even more important to stay away from the jailbreak.

Now it reasons to be seen when the jailbreak team will respond. The evad3rs include MuscleNerd, Pod2g and other big names, so the jailbreak community has been thriving in the past few months… Hopefully this trend will continue in the next few years.

As I said and I will keep saying it again and again: "Stay away from iOS 7.1" and don't try to update or you will lose your untethered jailbreak.

You have been warned!


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