iOS 7.1 Adoption Hits 5.9 Percent Of Active devices in North America

The new iOS 7.1 software released by Apple is actively running on 5.9% North American devices, reports Chitika. The figure comes from ‘tens of millions’ of ad impressions created from Chitika Ad Network in Canada and U.S. from March 9th to March 11th.

The number can be compared to the iOS 7.0.6 update, which patched a nastly SSL security exploit, with the firmware accounting for 6% of the iOS 7.0.6 traffic in the 24 hours after release (13.3 percent adoption within 2 days).

Chitika says:
At 5.9 percent, North American iOS 7.1 adoption has progressed at a very similar rate to iOS 7.0.6. 24 hours following that release, iOS 7.0.6 users generated six percent of total iOS traffic, averaging to about five percent over the course of the full day.
Considering Apple’s update notification strategy, along with these two data points, it seems likely that future minor iOS 7 version updates will experience highly comparable levels of adoption.
For an even better comparison of the latest adopted rate to previous versions, iOS 6 peaked at above 15 percent of all web traffic on mobile ad network of Chitika only 24 hours after the release.

The difference can also be explained with the jailbreak. Hackers warned users not to update to iOS 7.1 or they will lose their Jailbreak.

Have you updated to iOS 7.1 yet ?  


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