IntelliScreenX 7 Now Available For Download

Yes guys it is here ! IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7 is now available for download with some great features and it is totally different from the old versions. Intelliborn team has just announced on his official twitter account releasing IntelliScreenX 7 to support iOS 7... More details after the jump.

This latest version of IntelliScreenX is not only a rethinking of the app, it brings a fresh new feature to the table as well. Check inside for our full hands-on video walkthrough of IntelliScreenX 7…

If you’ve ever used any prior version of IntelliScreenX (ISX hereafter), then the ISX 7 experience will be largely familiar to you. ISX is primarily a Lock screen and Notification Center utility that allows you to manage Twitter, Mail, Facebook, RSS feeds, and more. Your Lock screen becomes a central hub for your most pressing information, and it goes beyond passive interaction.

After installing ISX 7, you’ll find two new preference panels within the stock Settings app. The settings for ISX 7 largely revolve around customizing the pages that appear within the Lock screen and Notification Center. There are also options to set the Lock screen dim delay, refresh rate for the information ticker, and lock screen blur and tint settings.
ISX 7 would largely feel like an iOS 7 port of the previous version of ISX if it wasn’t for a sparkling new feature called Slide. Slide is a new built-in app switching interface that allows you to multitask using gestures. By sliding down from the upper left hand corner of the screen, or by invoking an Activator gesture, you’ll reveal a vertical bar populated with recently used app icons. Sliding those app icons from left to right reveals a drawer containing a full preview of the app.
ISX 7 is now available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. If you’re an ISX 6 user, then ISX 7 is a free download. There is a $4.99 upgrade cost for previous owners of ISX and $7.99 for previous owners of the original IntelliScreen. ISX 7 comes with a free 3-day trial. In the meantime, let me know what you think about IntelliScreenX 7 in the comment section down below.


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