iBetterCharge Will Remind You To Charge Your iPhone Before It Is Too Late

Charging my iPhone before I go out from my home is the last thing I remember... I always forget to charge my device and the battery of my iPhone decrease very fast. To be honest I am 24 hours using 3G cellular data in surfing the web, checking my Facebook account, using Google Maps and more... But everything went so great after using iBetterCharge.

iBetterCharge is a software program developed by Softorino, the program simply sends a signal to your Mac or PC when battery power on your iPhone gets low. The notification will remind you to charge up before it is too late…

So how does it work ? Simply after downloading the program from the official website, you will see a small instruction guide and be prompted to connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable. Enable Wi-Fi syncing in iTunes to allow the connection. When the software recognizes your iPhone, it will begin tracking your battery power and will send you a notification if it gets below a certain level.

“How does it work?” you ask. Well according to Softorino, it’s like magic.
“When iPhone battery level is low, iOS devices whom are connected to your Wi-Fi network automatically send their battery level to iBetterCharge via Wi-fi. That’s why the only requirement is having ‘Sync this iPhone over Wi-fi’ enabled in iTunes. Our technology then allows iBetterCharge to receive the battery info & send floating notification bubbles to the desktop. That’s all there is to it.” – Josh Brown, marketing manager at Softorino, Inc.

iBetterCharge gives you the ability to adjust the battery percentage  you want the program to notify you. For example you can adjust the program to notify you when your battery reaches 50%, 20%m 10% and so on...

The program will send you a visual notification, play a sound alert on your device to remember you to charge your device before it's too late.

The app lets you store multiple devices and keep track of battery power for all of them, as long as you are on the same Wi-Fi signal. You don’t have to wake your device in order to check for battery life or worry about remembering to plug it in if it gets too low. Just let the app send you a reminder when it is time to charge up.
You can check out iBetterCharge in action:

iBetterCharge is a free software program available for download for both Windows and Mac users.. You can download it from the official website

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