How To Remove Many Jailbreak Tweaks From Cydia At Once [Guide]

Someone like me, I always install many new jailbreak tweaks and themes on my iPhone in order to try them or share with you guys. Recently I've faced a problem with my device so I had to remove many jailbreak tweaks in order to know what tweak is causing the error, so what should I do ? It would be a very bad thing to remove each tweak individually and restart springboard every time, this would take a long time, right ?

Probably most of you would face such problem and wish there is anyway to remove as many as jailbreak tweaks with just one click, right ? Thankfully there is an old way that iOS 5/6 users used to use it when wishing to remove many tweaks from Cydia... Now I am going to share with you guys.

NOTE: Maybe you already know this trick and I said it is a very old way, but I thought to share it with you guys. So you can comfort yourself and stop reading this guide.

How To Remove Many Jailbreak Tweaks From Cydia At Once

STEP 1: Firstly go to Cydia--->Manage---> Packages and tap the tweak you want to remove then tap on "Modify" and finally tap on "Remove" button then wait and don't do anything.

STEP 2: Now you should see a button above called "Continue Queuing" tap on it and you will be taken back to the "Installed Packages" once again where you can choose another tweak that you want to remove.
STEP 3: As long as you keep tapping on "Continue Queuing" you will be able to remove as many as jailbreak tweaks from the installed package section. 

STEP 4: Any tweak you want to remove will be marked with a red button and once you done choosing what tweaks you want to remove, tap on the "Remove" button where all tweaks will be removed at once.

That's it ! So simple right ? This method is considered as the best way to quickly remove many tweaks installed on your jailbroken iPhone without needing to respring each time. Let us know what do you think about this old way.

Did you already know it ? 


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