How To Delete All Photos From Your iPhone With Different Ways

Well after writing the above title of the post, I can imagine the comments from witty readers. Of course everyone know how to delete photos from his iPhone.. This is the basics and we all can do this. Deleting pictures is very easy but it will be very hard if your goal is to remove hundreds or even thousands of pictures from your iPhone..

The following steps can be done on your iPad and iPod Touch as they are all the same.  Right now we are going to show you various ways to delete your pictures, you can delete them one by one, delete a full album, delete multiple pictures directly from your iPhone and etc...

How To Delete Photos one by one from your iPhone

Deleting your pictures one by one is considered the best thing for small targets, so in case you intend to delete a few little picture, you can use this method.

1) Launch "Photos" application from your iPhone's homescreen.

2) Now tap on the picture you want to delete.

3) Finally, you can tap on the "trash" icon on your right-hand side to delete it.
How To Delete Multiple Pictures From Your iPhone

Now this is the second method and it is much faster and more recommended for people who want to delete many pictures in a less time.  Here's how to do it..

1) Launch "photos" application from your iPhone's homescreen.

2) Tap on "Camera Roll".

3) Now hit on "Select" button in the upper right corner.

4) Now you can simply tap on the images you want to delete with just one tap...
By tapping the trash icon, the selected photos will be deleted from your camera roll...

How To Select Multiple Pictures and delete them quickly

The other way to quickly select and delete several photos from your iPhone at once is a little less known, but is probably more effective as it allows you to select multiple photos in one tap.

1) Again launch the "photos" application. 

2) Now tap on "Photos" tab at the bottom of your screen.

3) Although it might not be very obvious at first, you’ll see that the Photos tab hierarchically organizes your photos by Years > Collections > Moments. To navigate through this hierarchy, and depending where in this hierarchy you’re at, you need to get into “Moments.” If you currently are in the “Years” view, all you’ll have to do is to tap on the mosaic of photos from a specific year, then scroll and tap on a specific collection, then you’ll be taken to the “Moments” view. I understand it can be confusing to read this, but it will make sense if you have your iPhone in your hands.
4)  Once you are there, tap on "Select" button which should be at the top right corner of your screen.

5) Now you should see the photos started to appear and ready to be selected, by tapping on each photos you can easily send them to trash.. This way can be done in any year/Albums and etc... 
How To Delete Photos Albums From Your iPhone

This is the best method that you can quickly remove hundreds of images saved in your album with one touch..

1) Go to "Photos" application and tap on "Albums" icon and make sure you are in the list view of all the albums on your iPhone.

2) Now tap on "Edit" button, then you will find a small red delete icon appeared.. Tap on it..
3) Finally you can now tap on the big "Delete" button in order to fully remove the album..

Conclusion: As you can see there are many ways to delete photos from your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, there is still no quick and easy way to delete all photos that are on your iPhone directly from the device. iOS 6 used to have an option that would allow you to delete all photos directly from the Settings app of the iPhone or iPad, but this feature is gone since the release of iOS 7.


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