First Look At Auxo 2 For iOS 7 [Video]

Today Sentry, the UI designer of Auxo the well known multitasking jailbreak tweak has just tweeted a video preview for Auxo 2, an upcoming new update for iOS 7. In case you are not familiar with Auxo, it is an awesome replacement for the app switcher, which replaced the app icons in the app switcher with a card-like preview of the current state of the app.

Why people love using Auxo ?? Auxo jailbreak tweak simply allows you to emove apps from the app switcher by swiping down on the app, and kill multiple apps by using multiple fingers. It also revamped the music playback controls page in the app switcher with improved music playback controls, a full-sized album artwork and more details about the song that’s now playing.

And here's the video preview for Auxo 2.. It is a few seconds but it shows a lot of great work.

Sentry says: "Beauty is coming into focust. #Auxo2"... This is a wise words and I am now so excited to get my hands on this tweak as soon as possible.

With the imminent launch of IntelliScrenX 7, which was previewed couple of days back, and now indications that Auxo 2 will also be released soon, it looks like the jailbreak community is heading for exciting times.

We will keep you updated with anything new... Stay tuned..


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