Facebook’s Revamped News Feed Finally Here

Facebook promised at an event 12 months ago that they will roll out a design that will turn the News Feed into a personalized newspaper. The new News Feed has a two-column layout with shortcuts to Friends, About and Photos section. The About view contains new Books, Movies and Photos items. There is also an Instagram Timeline and a few other additions.

But Facebook never rolled it out (except to a minor), and after refining and making changes based on user feedback, the new News Feed was finally released yesterday to make stories have a streamlined look with bigger images.

In the new offering, the white background replaces the gray one and the profile name, Groups, Friends, Games and Favorites go to the left column, and Trending items, Notifications and People You May Know go to the right column. The News Feed stays in the center.

Photos now come in full with, and a collage shows multiple images. The dropdown menu of feeds doesn’t contain individual News Feeds anymore. The left hand column includes the same amount of links despite screen resolution modifications. You’ll also notice the profile photos moved in story cards.

English users can now see a bigger bar for search to enter complex Graph Search queries, and non-English speakers will be presented with ordinary search results including people and places.

This is the new Facebook ad: 

Greg Marra, News Feed product manager, revealed in an interview to Re/code:
Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time seeing what people were saying, what was working, what wasn’t working, and we’re rolling out the version that takes all of that feedback into account. Some parts weren’t working and were just getting in the way for people.
The rollout will take time to reach everyone and will only change the desktop interface. 


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