Do You Want Apple's iWatch To Look Like This Concept ?

In the couple few months we've been hearing a tons of rumors and reports about Apple's upcoming iWatch. Although we've seen many smartwatch concepts but not all of them was so great. Most of the concepts hardly have any resemblance to a watch, they look like glorified fitness bands.
Today Gábor Balogh, a freelance designer from Hungary, decided to create his own concept which looks more like a traditional watch but bundled with smart features. He says that his goal was to create a smartwatch that:
  • Kept the traditional values and quality
  • Included carefully selected functions
  • Easily paired with a smartphone
  • smudge-free handling
He has essentially taken the Swedish watchmaker Triwa’s Havana timepiece and replaced its face with a circular display. He has created mockups to show the user interface for apps such as Weather, Health application, Music player, Calendar, Maps etc.

Here's some screenshots for the concept: 

I really like this simple concept and there is a great probability that we can see a smartwatch like this concept.. To be honest I would like to see such thing in my hands.. 

What about you ? 

[ via The Verge]


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