Check Out This Awesome Black MacBook Air [Images]

Apple has received much acclaim since its inception for making products with a premium feel and look. Only the iPhone and iPad models are enough to rise about the competition in terms of aesthetics.

And Apple has also been unique when it comes to hardware accessories; the Magic Mouse, Time Machine and Magic Trackpad are a few examples of the company’s efforts. And how can you forget the Apple TV, which is beautiful in its own way.

This brings us to the Mac computers. The iMac and MacBook are the world’s most beautiful devices, but what if could use a sleek black-colored MacBook Air?

We think a jet black black MacBook Air or Bro would be sensational addition to the entire range. The current MacBook looks elegant with its uni-body design featuring brushed metal and it’s also extremely lightweight. But there’s always room for improvement.

Imagine the same design in a jet black color. TUAW’s Mike Wehner has produced some beautiful renderings of what a black MacBook would appear like.

There’s no word if Apple has any plan to change MacBook aesthetics, or even thought of it in the past. We can only say this design looks appealing, and may even more if it ever becomes a reality.

What are your thoughts ? 


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