Check Out These New 4 Elegant Themes For Your iPhone

It’s time again for some fascinating Winterboard themes. Last week, we covered some noticeably different releases, and this week is no different.

As we get used to see, from time to another we try to give you a group of beautiful themes to try on your iPhone. So today's lineup include:

  1. * Px theme – a pixel-based theme
  2. * Patience – plain old beautiful
  3. * RipMe HD –based on nature
  4. * Aromy – drop shadows and elegant, playful color schemes
Here’s more detail about each of them:

RipMe HD, arising from the Reddit community /r/iOSthemes, brings custom icon set which contains every icon featuring an outdoor background overlaid with a white border and glyph. These icons also have a slight rounded appearance then stock iOS 7 icons.

The theme is credited to MauricioFame, and the screenshots come from Cris610; both are Reddit users. The theme can’t be found in Cydia, so you have to download a Dropbox file and use iExplorer or iFunBox to manually install it. Make sure you place it in the directory of Winterboard. The theme is free to download and install.

Aromy brings a beautiful icon set featuring a playful color scheme and drop shadows. It’s just the ideal option if you’re looking to give a breath of fresh air to your device.

UI designer TimeLoop has been putting efforts on this theme for 90 days and the results speak for themselves. There are over 120 icons, alternative lock sound, a custom JellyLock theme and a custom boot logo. Aromy is available at Cydia Store for $2.00.

This theme is a joint effort from European graphic designers’ iPixThemesHD and zooropalg. Its bundled with IconOmatic, BiteSMS & ColorKeyboard themes, custom icons, wallpapers, docks, fonts, badges, custom UI, HTML lock screen and more.

It’s a complete package, but still is in beta. You can get it by donating and registering the UDID of your iPhone by following instructions in the forum post. Cydia may receive it later.

The upcoming theme comes from the graphic designer Andreas Larsen, who also created Circul8a nd Habesha. He’s one of the best designers in the iOS theming domain.

The Copenhagen origin designer intends to make it available free of charge, with an option to donate. And he is relying on community to pitch new icons, based on GitHub templates.

So which one do you like to try ?


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