Bio: Add a Virtual Fingerprint Sensor To Any iPhone Lock Screen [Video]

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 5s one of the features I liked the most is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Touch ID made iPhone 5s more securable and unbreakable from scammers and iPhone thieves. Many people with older devices wish to have Touch ID on their devices and today they can do it using a new jailbreak tweak called Bio.

Of course, if enjoying the robust security features of Touch ID were such a simple task, then Apple would have saved itself a great deal of time and effort by just writing it into the software as a feature. What I mean is, while Bio does look and appear to function as a fingerprint sensor, it’s not the real thing, but simply gives the illusion that the lock screen has an in-built Touch ID-incarnate.

So how does the Bio work ? Simply the tweak replaces "Slide To Unlock" on your iPhone's lock screen and add a small square panel where you can place your fingers. You have the ability to customize the look of the fingerprint sensor from the tweak settings panel. 

If you don’t happen to use a Passcode in the first place then you’re probably not too concerned about privacy or security, but if you do happen to want to keep your device locked away from prying eyes, you’ll be pleased to know that Bio can still be added even if you’re using the Passcode facility.
Bio is a good example for Touch ID fingerprint alternative and it works very good on all the devices.. Check out the following video and you will see the greatness of this tweak:

Bio jailbreak tweak is available for $1.99 from BigBoss repo and you should give it a try.

Have you tried Bio tweak on your jailbroken iPhone ? 


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