Auxo 2 Tweak Coming To Cydia On April 2nd

Auxo jailbreak tweak is considered one of the most popular multitasking tweaks that you can ever use on your iPhone or iPad. Today the team behind Auxo has just announced that Auxo 2 jailbreak tweak for iOS 7 will be coming on April 2nd and this is a very good news for Auxo users.

A couple of weeks ago, we have seen a teaser video of Auxo 2 running on iOS 7, when the group’s UI designer Sentry posted a pair of 6-second video clips teasing some of the tweak’s features. And today, a much longer trailer has been posted…

The video can be seen on A3 tweaks’ website here, and we’ve embedded a copy of it below via Andrew Roth. It’s actually a cool little demo, although it does move rather quickly. If nothing else, Auxo 2 looks smooth and efficient.

Here's the video:

So when will Auxo 2 be available? Well if you look at the above image, the reflection of the words reads April 2nd, which we’ve confirmed with Sentry to be the official launch date. We’ll obviously let you know as soon as it hits Cydia.

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