Asphaleia for iOS 7 takes Touch ID to a whole new level (jailbreak tweak)

There has been a rise in Touch ID tweaks for iOS 7 in recent times, and apparently the list continues to grow. The latest addition comes from a3tweaks in the form of Asphaleia.

It’s a tweak with several options that are valuable. The design, Sentry, said that such a security tweak needed many options for valid reasons, such as to enhance security and provide users with customization access.

Asphaleia iOS 7 jailbreak tweak

After launching the tweak, you get an authentication screen where you set the passcode. It can be same as the iPhone’s password, but it serves a different function.

After you set the passcode, two main sections are presented: secured apps and passcode options.

The secured apps section lists all the apps installed on the device, and tapping on any of them secures it through passcode or Touch ID. The button at the top right lets you select and unselect all apps in a single go.

The passcode has to be entered every time to access the tweak’s preferences. Dynamic selection can be used to enable or disable separate apps outside preferences. So going back to preferences every single time is not required. Dynamic selection requires opening an app and using an Activator Gesture or Touch ID can be used.

For restricting specific features on a device, one of the 5 advanced security options can be used: app arranging, Control Center, multitasking, Spotlight and Slide to Power Off.

Coming over to passcode options – you can change passcode, set re-authorization thresholds, activate or deactivate Touch ID and do much more.

The tweak even lets you assign fingerprints that are used during Touch ID setup for configuring access rights. For example, you can set your left thumb for all apps access, while right thumb can be set up for slide to power off verification only.

A special control panel is available, accessible through Activator gesture or Touch ID. When triggered from the main screen, it can be used to toggle global app settings and manage app security settings; acts as a shortcut to manage the tweak without visiting preferences.

Final verdict

Asphaleia has been designed not only to work well with iPhone 5s, but also on devices without the Touch ID. Its settings and the animations it brings when a secured app is launched all makes up for a personalized experience.

The tweak will be available in future at Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99.

(via iDB)


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