Apple Sold Over 500 Million iPhones

Only a week is left before the first quarter of 2014 ends for Apple (Jan- March), and it is expected the company sold 38 million iPhones in these 3 months. 

A Forbes report says that Apple sold 472 million iPhones before starting the second quarter, and if these reports and stats are true, the company has sold over 500 million iPhones.

Mark Rogowsky from Forbes:

Here’s Forbes’ Mark Rogowsky with more:
Apple has been known to mark big numerical milestones, celebrating the 50 billionth download from its App Store last May and the 30th anniversary of the Mac earlier this year. But it appears to have quietly let a big one pass within the last few weeks as somewhere on earth, the 500 millionth iPhone was sold. Despite much consternation in the media that the high-end of the market is reaching saturation, this data point demonstrates that iPhone sales continue to accelerate for Apple even if the rate of that acceleration is less breathtaking than it had been in the past.
The consensus is that the 50 millionth iPhone unit was sold around the date 8th march, if the 472 million units Apple sold the quarter and 38 million units were sold in the period.

Even though there was no announcement, the achievement is spectacular, because the current scenario calls iPhone sales to slip because of the iPhone 5s being unsuccessful, which it wasn’t, and people holding of new iPhone purchases because of the upcoming iPhone 6.

More will be known during Apple’s earnings call, which will take place later next month.


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