Apple Sends New iPhone To Solider Whose Live Got Saved By An iPhone 5

Staff Sergeant Shaun Frank and his team were serving for their country in Afghanistan when they got attacked by an individual carrying a suicide bomb. He got shrapnel injuries but managed to survive and tell his story, but the doctors later informed that the iPhone 5 in his pocket saved his life, and only 3 months after this incident, Apple sent him an iPhone for free. 

Shaun Frank faced several more injuries after the bearings and metal pellets that hit his body after detonation of the bomb, but the iPhone 5 he was carrying saved him for more damage. It is interesting to note that the phone was in the pants of his pocket rather than near the chest area.

However, in the U.S., he had to face problems from the company as Apple defined him a replacement and letting him keep the damaged version of the phone. He wanted to keep this damaged handset as a memento of events he was a part of while serving in Afghanistan, but Apple said to either keep the phone, trade it for a new one. Three months after, Apple finally agreed to give him a new handset, without asking to return the damaged phone.

(Via KSL)


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