Apple Launches Its Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C

Well well, it looks like that Apple has just launched a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c and it is available at online retail stores. The handset popped up on UK carrier O2′s website a few moments ago, priced at £50 on contract. That’s a little over $80 in USD, and between £50 and £100 cheaper than the 16GB model.
Apart from the smaller storage bin, the new iPhone 5c is identical in every way to the handset that Apple introduced back in October. It still has a 4-inch Retina display, the powerful A6 processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. And yes, it’s still unapologetically plastic…

We can say that this cheap iPhone 5c also have the same performance and the same design like the rest of his brothers.

The 8GB 5c is currently showing up on O2′s website and several European Apple web stores. In the UK, the device is priced at £429 unlocked, making it £40 cheaper than the 16 GB. We expect it to start showing up in the US and other countries soon. It appears the 8GB iPhone 5c is only available in Australia, China, France, Germany, and the UK.
Many have suggested that the marketing push is evidence that the 5c is not selling as well as Apple had hoped, and introducing this new 8GB model won’t likely help curb that conversation. But since Apple doesn’t break down its iPhone sales mix, this all remains speculation.

So what do you think guys ?


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