4 New Elegant WinterBoard Themes For Your iPhone

Apart from keeping tabs on the jailbreak community, we also cover some sub-communities such as the one that develops Winterboard themes. This week, they have made 3 impressive releases by the names Rollypop, VectorOS, Ayza and Inversify. Check them out.

Ayza-Modmyi ($1.99)

Ayza is a beautiful theme that is complemented by an equally beautiful site. Vinit Jasoliya from Mumbai gets credit, because Ayza is stocked with more than 200 custom icons, a themed status bar and a custom interface. The creator also makes additional icons on requests through a form.
Ayza is $1.99 at Cydia’s ModMyi repo.


The yet to be released theme includes 135 custom icons with in-depth detail and tweaks like iWidgets and Iconomatic make the theme even more customised. RM Design, the creator, wants to make more icons and UI customisations before release.
To get VectorOS, you would have to add http://repo.makroworks.de/ to your default list of Cydia sources. The package can be downloaded after payment.


Kyle Revony’s Rollypop may not be the most beautiful Cydia theme, but it’s a great option if you want to significantly change the look of your Home screen. It features a flat color palette and a circular icon mask.
Rollypop can be yours from Cydia’s ModMyi repo.


Inversify is brought to you by the same developer who made Clarity. It comes with more than 80 custom icons and is essentially a soft, colorful theme featuring inverse gradients. There are few small tweaks to the status bar and a few user elements. Smuys, the developer, has released it for iPhone only.
It’s available at Cydia’s MacCiti repository for $1.00.

So feel free to leave comments on your favourite theme. 


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