33% U.S. iPhone Owners Will Pay For A Larger Display iPhone 6

There’s nothing really known about the iPhone 6, or whatever Apple will name it, but the reports so far are rooting towards a larger display.

As Samsung, and other rivals, continue to increase market share with large display handsets, it seems like Apple will be jumping on the phablet bandwagon.

And analysts are happy, why? Take a look at the survey data Tarvis McCourt, analyst at Raymond James, has published. It states that 1/3 U.S. iPhone owners would be willing to shell $100 extra if the upcoming smartphone has a larger display, compared to the previous latest release.

Barron’s shares the report (via BGR):
McCourt reiterates a claim he’s made before about a high degree of interest in a larger-screen iPhone:

33% of iPhone users would be willing to pay $100 more for a bigger- screened iPhone (up from 26% in our last survey). With speculation that iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen, it will be interesting to see Apple’s pricing choice. Equally interesting, only 6% of Android users in our survey found interest in a bigger screened iPhone for a $100 premium, which would indicate that a larger screen could improve upgrade rates for Apple, but likely not materially impact its subscriber base.
It has been rumored several times that Apple will launch two models of the next iPhone: a 4.7 inch display model and a 5.5 inch display mode, but still a lot of questions need to be asked. For example, it isn’t known whether Apple will release both models to the public.

But Apple releasing a larger iPhone could be happening this year, because in 2016, it might be too lit. What’s your take? 


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