3 New Sensors & Ultra Retina For iPhone 6 – Report

Some new reports claim to have insight on features and specs for the upcoming iPhone. One of the reports say it will have three new sensor, while other calls for an ultra-retina display.

The first report was published by Sun Chang Xu, Electronics analyst, but related by G for Games. Xu said the iPhone 6 will feature 3 new sensors for measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure.
According to Sun Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China), sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple will catch up in the “sensors department”, as the iPhone 6 will feature pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Please note that the analyst is probably not referring to blood pressure (this feature is rumored to be implemented in Apple’s iWatch) but to atmospheric pressure.
Though sounding strange, Apple has been said to make iOS 8 compatible with new sensors, and there is also a team of scientists working on them.

The second report displays several tweets from the recognized Sonny Dickson. He has leaked several details and component leaks before, so it’s safe to keep ears open when he says he has some insider info.
Sonny Dickson however hasn’t always been right, but there is nothing here that seems to be illogical. An A8 is likely, and Apple may bump the resolution for the larger display. Other rumors for iPhone 6 include 10 MP camera, 2 GM RAM, display size between 4.7 and 5.5 inches and a possible fall launch date.
So what do you think guys ?


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