$22 Million Beachside Mansion In California Is All Controlled By iPads

Thought you had seen it all with Savan Kotecha’s (a music producer FYI) house featuring $80,000 worth of gadgets controlled by the iPad?

Apparently we did too, but our thoughts were falsified by a new California beach-side mansion that outdoes the previous efforts, featuring mod-cons inside the $22 million mansion being controlled by an iPad, among 14-inter connected other iPads.

Apart from being a dream pad of any Apple fanboy, an iPad will be required inside this house at all times to get anything done, and it’s also quite eco-friendly too. 95% of the electricity is powered by a solar panel, present somewhere inside the backyard.
The beach views are breathtaking, and if it wasn’t for the price tag, a lot of Apple lovers would be willing to shell out money to reside in, even on rent.

The solar panel keeps ongoing operations in line and at 3,000 sq. feet, covers the surface area of the house, but it needs a lot of sunlight to power 9 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens and a swimming pool.
Now for the iPads – they control everything, from security cameras to the heating system, and the thought of controlling everything with a swipe of tap will intrigue most.

What a lucky man ! And I was happy with my iPad dock...

The house is currently owned by Energous Corp CEO Stephen Rizzone; it’s up for sale at the moment.

What do you think ?

(via: BusinessInsider)


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