Why BiteSMS 8 Is An Exciting Endeavor for iOS 7

It’s exciting…biteSMS has been publicly released for iOS 7. BiteSMS 8.0 matches the style of iOS 7 and to us, it looks great. For those who don’t know, the app provides users a quick way to reply to messages from anywhere in iOS as well as send messages. The quick reply interface can be literally brought up from anywhere.

The messages can also be composed from anywhere, from the lockscreen, the Notification Center and any place else. The quick compose and reply are the most popular features and the reasons why biteSMS has gone strong since its inception.

BiteSMS 8 has a lot of new introductions. Now you can mute conversations based on individual messages. Also, the camera roll icon will show up when you compose a message, allowing you to insert the last photo taken into a particular conversation.

The biggest change comes in the form of the icon of the app, which is now more vibrant. The style of the icon is now flat, and now it looks quite appealing than before. However, there is still a lot missing, such as no Control Center toggle for composing messages, or the availability of contact photos in group messages.

Regardless, biteSMS is the best messaging app and combined with the fact that it continues to be a free upgrade, there is no competition.

The tweak is available over at the BigBoss repository and is free of charge, although, after a while you will begin to notice some banner ads. By supporting the app and purchasing a license, the ads are removed, and if you don’t buy another tweak this entire year, you owe it to yourself to have BiteSMS in your repertoire.


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