Which Tablet Has The Best Battery Life [CHART]

Drain battery is one of the most bad problems that Apple/Samsung users are facing from a long time. For example when we take a look at Apple's new iPad Air, it is very fast, light, maybe it is the lightest tablet until now.. But even looking at more practical aspects, such as the battery life, the new iPad Air is peerless. Which looked at battery retention rates for a range of top-level tablets, testing common activities such as video playback and Web use to determine which slab could hold out the longest, and on both counts, the iPad Air came out on top.

People use tablets such as iPad/Galaxy Tab in playing racing games/Surfing the web for a few hours/ Make FaceTime video calls and more... So here comes a very important question: "Which tablet has the best battery life ?".

Apple claims that owners of the iPad Air can expect ten hours of battery life, and according to this research, it actually manages to exceed the estimations of its overlord, clocking in 11 hours of Internet use and almost 13 hours of video use, which is impressive by anybody’s standards.

Today we've got a new chart made by the folks at Which.co.uk which made a comparison between iPad Air/iPad Mini with retina display/ iPad 2/Galaxy Tab and some other tablets..

iPad mini with Retina display managed to finish a close second on Internet use, with 10 hours and 14 minutes before ceasing to run, and even more impressively, in third place on the battle for the longest-lasting tablet for browsing the Web, was the now-antiquated iPad 2.
And here's the full comparison chart between all Galaxy/Apple/Android tablet devices: 
So, not only is the iPad by far the most popular of the high-end tablets, but its status is, going by these figures, more than justified. After a couple of rather uninspiring releases in the form of the iPad 3 and iPad 4 (although the former did, at least, introduce the Retina display), Apple has really come out fighting with the Air, and as well as looking the part, it seems to boast the performance to back it up.

So what do you think guys ? How is your iPad doing ? 


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