WeatherBoard: Add Animated Weather Wallpaper On iOS 7 Home And Lock Screen [VIDEO]

Since iOS 7 untethered jailbreak is here, we've seen a few number of weather tweaks that some of them change the look of the weather app icon and bring it back to life and nothing more.. But today we've got for you a totally different weather tweak called WeatherBoard. This tweak add animated weather wallpapers on iOS 7 home and lock screen and they will bring your device back to life..

This tweak makes you enjoy the mother nature on your iPhone by adding animated wallpapers for your iPhone like Wind/Tornado mixed with rain/Dust/Fog/Smoke/Wind and more great live wallpapers for home and lock screen...

So how does the tweak work ? Well it is very simple.... Once installing Weatherboard on your iPhone, go to the tweak's settings panel where you will find two options: "Day Conditions/Night Conditions" Each section from those contains a group of animated weather wallpapers that you can set them as a wallpaper for your iPhone.

The day conditions probably contain: "Sunny/Mostly Sunny/ Cloudy and some day condition wallpapers that you really like to use..

After tapping on Night/Day conditions, you should see a group of wallpapers and choose what condition is good for you..
The tweak costs $1.49, and can be picked up from the BigBoss repository. Ideal if you’re looking for a ways to bring iOS to life, Weatherboard makes a nice addition to the fold, and with so many different options to choose from, this tweak offers excellent value for money.

And this is a demo video for the tweak:

Just in case you want to see what does the tweak do in front of your eyes before purchasing it..

Please let us know what do you think about Weatherboard... 


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