UIColors: Add Color Tint Of Your Choice To iOS 7 [Video]

A couple of days ago we reviewed an awesome jailbreak tweak called Eclipse which brings a system wide dark theme (Night Mode) to iOS 7 and many people liked it.. Right now we've got a new recently released jailbreak tweak called UIColors, the tweak takes the same features of Eclipse tweak, but for a new level.. The tweak lets you add color tint of your choice to iOS 7...

ColorUI allows you to change the primary color, the second color and the color of the text using a color picker and HSB sliders.

Over hundreds of colours you can choose to change the tint of the iOS with Green/Blue/Black/White, change text apps and etc... 

Once installing the tweak on your iPhone, you will find many sections in UIColors tweak that lets you change the secondary/Primary color, change the text colour, add blacklist apps that won't take the affect of the tweak.. 

BlackList feature is just for people who don't want an app to be colorized. Check the following video:

UIColors jailbreak tweak is currently available for download from Cydia store for $1.49.. It is quite great jailbreak tweak that most people will like it... What do you think guys ?

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