Top 10 Cydia Repos For iOS 7

People have been asking me to write an article about the top Cydia repos that I love using them on my jailbroken Apple device. To be honest there is a tons of Cydia repos that I can list them below, but I had to share with you the 10 cydia repos that anyone should have on his jailbroken device.

In order to add any of the following repos to Cydia, you will have to go to Manage---->Sources--->Edit--- and then add the repos:


Home of popular tweaks IntelliscreenX, MyWi, My3G and IntelliID. Updated regularly with new tweaks.
Insanelyi –

One of the most popular choices of repo with over 7000 different themes, tweaks and apps to choose from.


Highly popular choice, full of ringtones, mods and other tweaks that have no real use but are fun and look good.

iSpazio –

Used to be full of pirates apps but is now a clean place to visit for a wide choice of mods, ringtones and other tweaks.

ThemeItApp –

Home of the highly successful ThemeIt, which allows modifications to be made to the look of the device. Only 3 default packages but all worth a look. –

Here is where you will find tweaks such as Chrome and BrowserChooser. Regularly updated and new tweaks are being added all the time.

HackYouriPhone –

Although this contains a lot of pirated apps and tweaks you can get some real ones as well.

SinfuliPhoneRepo –

Home to the popular AppSync, and many other mods and tweaks. It does contain cracked apps and you can also find a few odd ones here as well.

Xsellize –

More cracked apps but also contains a lot of ROM packages for those at use emulators.

iHacks -

Yet more cracked apps alongside genuine tweaks, including some that are add-ons to existing apps to give them more function.

iCause FX –

Home to many tweaks and mods for customizing and modifying your device.

iHackstore –

Contains a wide range of all of the most popular tweaks, apps ads mods available on Cydia

CoolStar’s Repo

In adding the repo, you’ll find a handy selection of command-line tools, and although you can probably skip this one if you’re rather new to the jailbreaking scene (or completely unfamiliar with even basic commands), it’s a very well-manned, constantly-updated repo with tweaks for advanced users.

HASHBANG Productions Repo

Although some of the repositories we’ve mentioned here purport to improve the iOS experience in terms of functionality, the HASHBANG repo is all about that style, adding a little cool factor to proceedings with customization tweaks like ScreenFade, Tap To Unlock, and other such effects.

Take a look for yourself by adding to your sources.

Let us know if you have any other repos you are using in our comment section.


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