This Chart Shows How Much The Display Of The iPhone Occupies Its Surface

Smartphone screens are getting larger as each day basses by and all the talk of bigger iPhones in the future only hint that the displays are going to get bigger. However, manufacturers are focusing on the fact that these increase in display sizes doesn’t translate into the overall handset growing in proportion.

The chart you’ll see in this post shows the current trend, and the real thing to notice out of it is the percentage of a handset taken up by the screen rather than buttons and bezels. All the big guns including Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC are mentioned.

The outcome shows that the iPhone handsets are in the low rank, with 60% of the front panel made of the4-icnh screen. The rest of the area includes the sensors, earpiece speaker and the Home button. The latest iPhone model, the 5s, now has a Touch ID technology in the Home button.

In comparison, the LG G2 is at the top with 76% of the area occupied by the screen. Perhaps because of the android on-screen buttons, which is why Android devices are winning at this chart.

It has been rumored that Apple is considering to place the Touch ID sensor under the display rather than under Home button, which may lead to an iPhone without the Home button – but it is also one of the most icon features of the device, which Apple and apparently iPhone users aren’t willing to let go for a mere increase in display.



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