Themes Of The Day: Clarity And Colorize7

We all love themes, but most of people don't find the perfect time to search for beautiful themes for their devices. We all know that Cydia store is full of numerous number of themes but it is hard to find a good one for your iPhone... Today we are here to help you and we've got for you two themes called Clarity and Colorize7... More details after the jump...

Here we are: 


If you’re in search of a purely simplistic theme, look no further than Clarity for iPhone. The theme features almost 150 glyphs for numerous stock and third-party apps, which I think makes the Home screen look great. One major caveat is that all non-themed icons will appear square, as this is how Apple has setup icon masks on iOS 7. I would recommend using the regular dock if you choose to use this theme, as ClassicDock isn’t a great match in this instance. Clarity, by Smuys, is free on Cydia in the ModMyi repository.

For those that liked the flat design of the StayClassy theme I reviewed last week, but found the color scheme to be too dull, I present you with Colorize7. The theme is very similar in appearance, with each custom icon consisting of a flat color base and white glyph. The main difference is that Colorize7 is much more colorful and bright, which looks better with most blurred wallpapers.

The only icons I am not a fan of are the black ones for Voice Memos and Compass, as they contrast poorly with the rest of the theme. Non-themed icons don’t look the greatest either. An additional 30 icons were just added in a recent update, with more coming. Colorize7, designed by BestCydiaTweaks, is 99 cents on the default MacCiti repository.

So what are you going to choose for your iPhone ? 


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