Teenage Girl Injured After iPhone 5c Catches Fire In Her Pocket

In the past few months we've seen a number of strange stories that shows how smartphones are so weak and dangerous. Firstly we heard about Samsung's battery that burned the whole device from up to down, but it looks like that not only Samsung faces such problems but also Apple..

The above picture I've uploaded is a green iPhone 5C ! Don't panic... In one of the strangest stories I've ever read... 14-years old girl from Kennebunk, Maine, was injured after iPhone 5c catches fire in her pants back pocket. The fire turned the green iPhone 5c into black, like in the above picture...

The eight-grader’s iPhone 5c caught fire with a “pop” sound, following which she had the presence of mind to “stop, drop and roll.” From Sea Coast Online:
Rodman said the female student was about to start her first class of the day, at approximately 7:40 a.m., when she sat down in her classroom and “heard a pop” from her back pants pocket, where her phone was located. Immediately, the student noticed smoke coming from that area.
Crews from Kennebunk Fire Rescue responded immediately, Rodman said, and the student was cared for then transported to the hospital for additional care.
The girl suffered second-degree burns, and was discharged from the hospital after a treatment lasting 45 minutes.

EMS Division Chief Andrew Palmeri said it appears that when the student sat down, with the phone in her back pocket, the phone's battery “shorted out.” The state fire marshal is investigating, he said.

“People should obviously use caution when placing their phones in their back pockets so as not to crush them and cause an electrical short,” he said.

So what does this lead to ?? Many accidents, many injures... Maybe people should look after their devices in a better way and get more protective cases for their smartphones.. 


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