RocketLauncher: A New Way To Launch Apps From Your iPhone's Lock Screen

iPhone users are now looking for some jailbreak tweaks that can let them launch apps from their iPhone's lock screen, if you are looking for this kind of tweaks, then I recommend downloading RocketLauncher, a new recently released jailbreak tweak that allows you to launch apps directly from your iPhone's lockscreen.

Check out the following video walkthrough: 

Once you install RocketLauncher, you setup its preferences by means of the stock Settings app. RocketLauncher’s settings consists of your basic kill-switch, along with several toggles to adjust the tweak’s looks. You’ll find a disable blur and disable tint section to change the look of the Lock screen background on tweak invocation.

To use RocketLauncher, enable the tweak, and then go to the Lock screen. Tap and hold anywhere on the Lock screen, and you should see the RocketLauncher overlay appear. RocketLauncher consists of an app preview, similar to the previews found in the app switcher, flanked by seven app icons on the right-hand side of the Lock screen.
In the settings, you have a few options:
  • Enable toggle: Enable or disable RocketLauncher
  • Disable Blur: Disable or enable background blur when RocketLauncher is activated
  • Disable Tint: Disable or enable background tint when RocketLauncher is activated
  • Show Full Screen SnapShots: If toggled on, shows fullscreen previews rather than app cards
  • Applications: Set custom applications for RocketLauncher instead of the default app switcher apps
  • Application Order: Order in which the applications set in “Applications” appear
  • Blacklist Applications: Choose to disable applications from showing in RocketLauncher
RocketLauncher is a good tweak that brings additional functionality to your Lock screen. The best thing about it is that it can be easily operated with one hand, and it’s totally customizable.

You can purchase RocketLauncher jailbreak tweak from Cydia store via Modmyi repo for $1... Enjoy and let us know your opinion.


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