Reasons why Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store

The news that has been going around in the tech community is that of Flappy Birds. The game has left many stunned as the developer decided to take the game off from the App Store and Google Play Store on Sunday.

The news of the removal was a bit of anti-climax since the developer had achieved immense success with the game, with nearly 50 million downloads and a revenue of $50,000 per day. Success story of such sort is rare, but the ending was rarer. A lot is being discussed as to why the developer, Dong Nguyen resorted to this step?

The developer in a recent interview has cited that the original aim of the game had been misconstrued. The intention was to make a game that would relax the gamer, however Flappy Birds had left many users frustrated with its tricky physics.

A key attractant towards the game was the old school design, borrowing elements from Mario Brothers. As per Nguyen, owing to the gaming difficulties, he felt a ‘moral obligation’ to remove it.

The interview is being tied in with the analysis that the developer had disliked the fame that was been associated with him. Key evidence in this regard can be found from his Tweets, where he literally requested users to leave him in peace. Furthermore, the humble Nguyen believed that the gaming community was overrating his creation. The ongoing success had made him uncomfortable and brought about unsatisfying changes in his life.

A new piece of information is that contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t an overnight decision. The developer had thought long about it.

There had been reports earlier about a sequel to Flappy Birds but now that ship may have also sailed. However, the positive thing from this removal is that Nguyen will continue to develop games. Perhaps, the success of Flappy Birds would give him confidence to come up with something innovative.

(Source: Forbes)


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