Popular Springtomize 3 Tweak Gets Updated With Barrel-Inspired Animations & More

When it comes to customizing your iPhone's Springboard from app icons/Status bar/Folders and etc... then the best tweak is probably Springtomize 3... One of the most popular jailbreak tweaks that everyone is now using it has just received a new update bringing barrel-inspired animations and more features..

Filippo Bigarella, the well known developer and the guy behind Springtomize 3 has just pushed a new update to the tweak and it is available for download in Cydia store.. The new update brings loads of bug fixes, but it also adds new features like lock animations, new app switcher features to handle the look of inactive apps, new Barrel-like scroll animations, and more.

Check the following features in this video:

You can access the new scroll animations and lock animations from the Animations section in the Springtomize 3 preferences.
Springtomize 3 is now offering a lot of animations style for app icons and they are: 
  • Rotate
  • Stairway
  • Light Fade
  • Fade In Place
  • Time Machine
  • Long Leap
  • Stretch
  • Compress
  • Shrink
  • Vertical Scroll
  • Roll Page
  • Clash
  • Spread
  • Cube
  • Bubble
  • Alternate Roll
  • Interlace
  • Tear Apart
  • Shuffle
  • Come In and Go Up/Down
Some of them maybe similar to Barrel animations and other not.. But they are worth to be tried..

Here is the full change log for Springtomize 3 1.1:

Fixes and improvements
  • Badges appearing all with the same number if a custom text color was applied.
  • Custom badge colors not being saved correctly.
  • Hide page dots and disable spotlight not displayed correctly in settings.
  • Hiding AirDrop section in Control Center not hiding the AirDrop button.
  • Fixed folder animation lagging if icons were resized.
  • Springtomize icon showing multiple times in hidden icons section.
  • New stuff
  • Lock Animations: choose between different animations to lock your device (Old TV included!) (iPhone Only)
  • Inactive Apps handling in the App Switcher: choose whether to blur, darken or completely hide inactive apps from the multitasking switcher.
  • Scroll Animations: animate your icons while scrolling between pages (more than 20 effects!).
  • Icon Labels Customization: Change the font or the size of icon labels!
The update is available for free for users who already purchased Springtomize 3... Let us know what do you think about this new update..


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